For over twenty years, I was unable to drink pasteurized homogenized milk due to upsetting my digestive system. 6 years ago I started drinking Happy Cow milk and have had no problems.

Larry Schoenholz – Pelzer, SC


Have not been able to drink milk for over 30 years since I am lactose intolerant. Now I am able to drink milk. My nails are much stronger. Plus the Happy Cow milk tastes so good.

Alice Zukauskas – Anderson, SC


Made me believe in the small farmer – how important it is to the community – how much fresher the food! It make me happy every time I think of Happy Cow!

Allison Peake – Greenville, SC


1) Made us more healthy. 2) Put us in contact with where our food/dairy comes from – a healthy place! 3)Happy Cows = happy people. In today’s world, we need more of both!

Julie & Fran White – Pelzer, SC


For my husband and myself, it is the only milk, cheese, cottage cheese, and a lot of other things that we eat.

Linda Garret – Honea Path, SC


Since I started drinking only Happy Cow milk, my cholesterol has gone down. As my Dr. said, “Your blood work is like a teenager.” I’m 57. We drive 40 miles to buy this milk, but I pay nothing for the medicine I no longer need!

Barbara Gravel – Greenwood, SC


My children resisted milk because they didn’t like the taste from school or home. My husband wouldn’t drink it because it made his stomach upset. I bought a gallon of chocolate and whole milk and they love it! Happy Cow’s milk and my husband has no sickness from it. We are very happy with Happy Cow!

Chrystal Wilson – Piedmont, SC


Happy Cow buttermilk has really helped my stomach. It has stopped me from having loose bowels. It will stop upset stomach.

Daniel Langford – Greenville, SC


My 2 year old son suffered from severe constipation and digestive issues. He was put on Miralax and Prilosec. I started to use Happy Cow milk and within 2 weeks he had a huge appetite. By months end, he was off all his meds.

Jenny Dematteo – Simpsonville, SC


Happy Cow gave me my taste buds back. Their milk and other products reminded me of what milk and other dairy products used to taste like 45 years ago. What a difference in flavor.

Spence Raezer – Williamston, SC


My 4 year old has never drank chocolate milk. He has always said it was bad and he was allergic, but he will not drink anything else since he tasted Happy Cow. He says all other chocolate milk is “sad cow milk.” My 1 year old was lactose intolerant and we was not able to drink whole milk. We started him on Happy Cow whole milk at 10 months and he refuses to drink anything else. I ran out on a Sunday & got a 1/2 gallon [of another brand] at the store. He would take a sip and let it run out of his mouth. Both of my boys are happy for Happy Cow. They will not drink any other. Thank you for what you do. Also, your cheese is the only cheese my 4 year old will eat. He absolutely loves it. We buy anywhere from 3 to 4 gallons of milk a week! I might need to name a cow Hames! Ha ha. Thanks again. We love you guys! And yes we are addicted!

Amy, Josh, Jacob, & Jackson Haymes – Honea Path, SC


I was skeptical at first that the milk was really that much better for me. However, I have used it for my family of 6 for almost 3 years and my children are hardly ever sick anymore. And the taste is unbeatable!

Brenda Schatz – Piedmont, SC


Before my doctor explained how low fat or skim milk worked in my body, I had not heard of Happy Cow! Once I stopped drinking skim milk and started drinking whole Happy Cow milk, my weight stabilized and the stomach aches I used to have with milk stopped. I am very thankful for Happy Cow and all that they do.

Michele Sawyer – Greenville, SC


Happy Cow Creamery has renewed my belief that small, family-run, sustainable farms can offer a superior product. Happy Cow provides me with the very best nature has to offer and we make the trip from Atlanta to Greenville just to go to Happy Cow.

Christine Thomas – Fayetteville, GA


I used to hate milk, but the first time I had milk from Happy Cow, that all changed! I love their many options, and the kindness the family shares with their customers.

Maressica Sawyer – Greenville, SC


I had taken Nexium for approximately 5 years to treat acid reflux. I stopped taking Nexium in December 2006. At the same time, I started drinking Happy Cow Whole Milk and Buttermilk. I still drink Happy Cow milk and have not taken Nexium again. (3 ½ years. June 2010) I presently have no acid reflux. I do not take anything at all for acid reflux. I just drink Happy  Cow milk .

Don Gray – Pelzer, SC


My 7 year old grandson was at my house one morning this summer for breakfast and he asked me to make a bowl of cereal. I did and of course with Happy Cow milk. When he finished, he said “Mama Jane, you have the best milk in the world.”

Jane Singleton – Williamston, SC


I used to suffer from acid reflux (for 20 years), but once I started drinking Happy Cow Milk and eating the cheese and sour cream, I have had no acid reflux in a year and a half.

Spence Raezer – Williamston, SC


My cholesterol went from 300+ to 235 in three months. The only change in my diet was drinking three 8oz glasses of Happy Cow milk. Triglycerides went down. Good cholesterol went up.



As a Physician Assistant in a growing integrative medicine practice in Easley, SC, I have had to do my research on dairy products. Omega 3 and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) are two very healthy, necessary fats that we all need in our diets. The first, omega 3, raises our level of good cholesterol, helps lower triglycerides and aids in brain function. You get higher levels of omega 3 in animal products when the animals have been fed their natural diets and not “bulked up” with grains such as corn and soy. The second, CLA, has been proven to aid in weight loss; and is found in animal products when the animals are raised in a stress free environment. In my professional opinion the Happy Cow Creamery has the highest quality dairy products of any I know. I have had many patients improve their health drinking Happy Cow’s whole fat milk and dairy products. One man in particular who followed the diet laid out in our Natural Bariatric Program, which relies heavily on Happy Cow products, was able to lose 35 lbs and greatly improve his lipid profile and glucose control in only 3 months with NO medications. On 10/05/06 his numbers were as follows: Total cholesterol 204, triglycerides 227, HDL(good cholesterol) 29, LDL(bad cholesterol) 130, and HgbA1C(which is a 3 month average blood sugar level that is best kept below 5.5) 6.3. On 1/11/07 they were: total cholesterol 173, triglycerides 128, HDL 34, LDL 113 and HgbA1C 5.5. These are improvements that any medicine would be proud of, but only diet and lifestyle were used. This is one of many success stories I have seen when people include Happy Cow Creamery’s dairy products in their healthy diet and lifestyle.

Cheryl Middleton PA-C
LivingWell Integrative Healthcare
Easley, SC